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SOMD Entertainment, March 20 2019

Remember When?

I remember when taking photos was not something entrusted to the young ones. Disposable cameras had about 24 exposures on them. For those born in the current century, that means you had 24 chances to get the picture right. Or more precisely, to get all the photos. If you were lucky enough to have a few extra rolls of film, you could be slightly cavalier and even take fun pictures. 

Of course, this meant that you had to take these photos to a shop to have them developed. So now, in addition to the cost of the film, you had to factor in the cost to have someone else develop and print them out for you! If the photos all turned ut to be great closeup pics of your thumb, oh well. You still had to pay for the privilege. And you wouldn't even know until you got to the photo shop.

If you were cool enough to have your own 35mm camera, you got 36 exposures! But for most, the development charges remained. Of course, if you had access to a  darkroom, you could develop your own film and not have that weird kid looking at all your photos. 

Now, the golden age of digital is here. The photo stores are gone the way of Blockbuster video. But what also arrived, is the modern era photo booth.

The ability to take hundreds of photos in one night and even hold the prints in your hand mere seconds after the flash goes off is amazing. The looks on the faces of those in the pictures is often priceless. They can come back again and again and take multiple photos during the course of the event and each time the fun level climbs.

Southern Maryland Entertainment has been in the photo booth business since the summer of 2015. I gotta say, we have come a long way. Our first events were by no means the polished act we have today. But when you have a couple hundred events under your belt, you develop an eye for boothing. For positioning guests properly, for ensuring great props, and generally having the knowledge, skills and ability to provide you and your guests an experience they won't soon forget!

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